The cartoon above by Hugh McLeod tries to explain that going from paycheck to paycheck suits most people, working on projects is for a lesser few and then turning those projects into adventures is for the minority. I like to think that in my business as Fed202, I take on projects as adventures, sometimes not knowing where they will end.

Rather than building a website and then leaving it with the client to update themselves, I am now working with a new business model of having "clients" who I will work with for the duration of the website life. I feel this is more appropriate for the needs of most businesses these days and allows us to work together to build the website over time and make it successful for everyone involved. How many times have you seen a website where the news or content hasn't been updated in the past 5 years or the site is just way out of date. I want to change that by constantly keeping your websites fresh and relevant, two of the latest big search engine buzzwords.

If you are interested in talking to me about how I can work with you on your website and other web related projects, get in touch today and see where it takes us.

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