My content management system creates search engine friendly URLs based on the title of each page. Combining this with the fact that you as the admin user can modify the META title and description for each page, means that you have full control over the main things that the search engines look for.

I will always recommend the best practices for your content also, since very simple things can make a huge difference to the way your pages will appear in Google and other search engine results. I've been building and updating websites for a long time and have learned a top of tricks over the years. There is no black magic or quick fix when it comes to SEO, you simply need to know what to do and spend some time doing it. Unfortunately for you, SEO does require some thought and work, but if you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards and find your website pages appearing more frequently in search engine results.


Every website I create has got Google Anlaytics included by default. I can either setup a scheduled email to give you an overview of your visitors, or you can access the full Google Analytics report yourself if you want to delve deeper into your visitor behaviour.

If requested, I can review your Analytics data with you to explain what's happening on your website and where you should put more effort in if you're trying to attract visitors to a specific section of your website.