The Fed202 Content Management System is the main product developed by the company. This system is a unique database driven application, used to create and deliver websites based on a theme design and content retrieved from the database.

As the site owner or editor, you can create and update new pages in your website and them chosen theme combines your content with the layout to display the page to the website visitor. Each theme is unique and has several templates which allow your pages to have different layouts.

You have full content over the navigation menu, colour schemes, page titles, content and some other aspects of the site such as data contained in the footer element of the website. The theme itself will then incorporate things like Social media buttons, Google Analytics and SEO benefits onto each page.

The content management system is fully hosted on our servers, meaning that you have nothing to worry about except remembering your login password. I can happily setup a demo website for you to test out the Content Management System before you proceed with your own website design or revamp.