Fed202 was setup in 2006 and over the years, I have worked on many websites, from small sites with just a few pages, right up to corporate e-commerce sites with hundreds of products or commercial sites with multi-feature admin areas providing rich functionality to the website.

I can now combine all of my knowledge to provide a full suite of website design services, whether you are looking for a brand new website design for your business or if you are looking to revamp your current website or you are simply looking to add content management to your existing site. Or you might just be looking for advice on the latest SEO techniques to get more visitors to find your website. Regardless of what you are looking for, I am always happy to have a chat and let you knwo how I can help.

Below is just a summary of the various web design services that I can provide to you and an idea of what each one comprises of.

Website Graphic Design

Depending on your budget, you have several options when it comes to the design or look and feel of your website. My content management system makes use of Theme Designs, which combine with your content from the database to form your finished website that the customer sees. You can either choose one of our pre-existing themes or we can design a new theme for you, customised to your own specifications. Alternatively, if you are looking for a very bespoke website, we can still the full website for you and give you control over the layout of every page. But we find that these days, cost is a big factor and so most of our customers choose an existing theme or we build a theme for them based on their needs.

Content Management

In my opinion, the most important thing about a website is the content, that is : the text, images, downloads, videos, sounds or whatever it is that makes up the information you want to present to your customers. Too many people concentrate on having a fancy design with lots of expensive photography and then spend 30 minutes putting together all their content at the last minute. For a successful website, this is the completely wrong approach. With all our customers, we get them thinking about "the content" from our first conversation, so it doesn't come as a shock to them when we actually ask them to populate the pages !!

We will ask you to come up with your initial batch of content which we use to build your website. Once this is put together, we will review your website and suggest amendments and additions that would benefit you, your visitors and help with your Search Engine Optimization, allowing new customers to find your website easier and quicker. Then you can make use of our custom Content Management System to keep your website content, news, photos, events and products up to date.

Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the latest buzzwords that everyone gets obsessed about. In fact, many people will focus so much on SEO that they forget about the natural content of the website and forget that your website is primarily for your customers, not the search engines. What's the point of your website coming top of the pile in Google when someone searches for "building supplies dublin" when you sell goldfish in Cork. You might get lots more visitors but they won't convert to customers. We will advise on how you can use SEO to bring relevant visitors to your website. But ultimately, well though out and well written content will do most of your optimization for you. We can certainly help with the structure of your URLs and use the right HTML code to layout your headings and META tags correctly and combining this with great content will bring you to the top of the Google results for the keywords relevant to your business. Have a think about what keywords you searched for to bring you to this website for instance. Why not get in touch if you think we know what we're talking about !!

Local Company Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland

In the modern digital age, business can be done across the globe but in our opinion, working with a local company has it's advantages. One is that we will know your business area and possible understand your customers better. Importantly, word of mouth is very important in the web design business and I feel that if we do good work for you, then you'll spread the word and we will get more work from it. It's therefore very important to me that every website I create is of top quality and works well for your business. I never over-sell services  that you don't need and I will always recommend the best approach for you and your customers.

We have created websites for many businesses and individuals throughout Belfast, Derry, Enniskillen and in London/Reading since we work with other design agencies and resellers to promote our content management system. So whether you are a Belfast company or further afield, give us a call and we'll discuss how we can improve your web presence and get more visitors to your website.

Other Website Design Services

We also have a good knowledge of all other aspects of the internet and web based services. If required, we can help with the following :

  • Email setup
  • Website hosting (for your own website)
  • Social Media integration such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • Database migration, moving from SQL to MySQL for example
  • Server monitoring, making sure your website is running 100% of the time
  • Website and database security, helping you keep your data secure
  • Logo and other graphic design

So whether you are based in Belfast or further afield, let us know if any of our website design services would be of use to you and give us a call on 028 9581 1509. I look forward to speaking with you.