Fed202 is a website development company based in the Gasworks site on the Ormeau Road in Belfast, although I have clients across Ireland, the UK and even as far afield as Fiji. I mainly focus on created website within my content management system and programming web based applications such as sales systems, stock databases and customer or client management tools.

We feel that a local company can understand the needs of the client better and it's always good to have someone available for a quick meeting or phone call when needed. I'm pleased to say that at this stage, if you have a question, I'll be happy to answer the phone whenever I'm needed and try to help you out. We have a vision to become the leading company for small business website design in Belfast.

I work with designers and resellers in Belfast City Centre, Enniskillen, Derry, Reading and London. This gives a broad range of customers and areas and lets me see how different users interact with my systems, meaning I can update them to suit the needs of the many.

So get in touch and see what I can do to help you with your new website design or revamp of your existing website.

The Fed202 Website Design Process

Over the years, I have developed a process for creating great websites, making sure you get what you want, for a reasonable price and with a quick turnaround. Below is an overview of the steps we go through to deliver your website.

  • Initial discussion about the needs of your website development project (can be done in Belfast if you're local)
  • Review of any existing website and social networks and email lists
  • Start of the content gathering stage, from existing site and offline company marketing
  • Decide on the website design layout, either as a theme template or a bespoke design
  • Where appropriate, create a specification for any programming or database sections of website
  • More content gathering (are you sensing that this is very important)
  • Now we can build the website using the design theme and content supplied by yourself
  • Review of the website and discuss whether it covers all requirements
  • Additional design, tweaks and testing (most websites are responsive so we test on PCs, tablets and phones)
  • Final content creation through the content management system
  • Launch of website
  • Promote, promote, promote. We explain how you can get more visitors to your site
  • Review of website. We don't just leave you to it. We constantly check the website and suggest updates.

Maintaining Your Website With the Content Management System

It's all very well having a great website design, but these days, it's very important to keep it updated with the latest content, news and information about your business. All of our websites come with the CMS already built and the various modules can be turned on for your site when needed.  With our theme based content management system , it's very easy to upgrade your website to a new design whilst keeping all of your content pages, downloads and menu structure. Making it cost effective to keep building on your first website and grow it with your business.

Fed202 - providing affordable website design in Belfast and beyond.