Fed202 is a website design company located in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Fed202 was started by it's current owner David Hynes back in 2003 after finishing his Engineering / Computer Science degree at Queens University Belfast. The main focus of the company has always been developing quality, cost effective websites and web hosted database applications.

Web Designer Belfast

David Hynes - Fed202 Website Design

Although David prefers to be known as a web developer or programmer, the term "website designer" is synonymous with the website industry. If you've come here looking for a web designer in Belfast then you've come to the right place. If you are looking for a new website design for your business or individual website, then we will be able to help, not matter how big or small the project.

Whether you want a personal website design for yourself or whether you are looking for a new or replacement website design for your company, take a look at our website design services page and see what we can offer. All projects are different depending on whether you need a bespoke or a template design, whether you want to build the pages yourself through our content management system or if we build the pages for you, whether you already have a logo and colour scheme or if you need this designed for you by one of our graphic design partners; but we have put together some packages to help you get started and get you online quickly and simply and give you a website design to match your specific needs.

Company History and Future

Fed202 was setup as a website design company in Belfast but working with companies in Derry and across Northern Ireland. David had worked for several other website design companies in NI but decided he wanted to pursue his own passion for creating high quality, usable websites, combining all of his experience into creating his own content management system and producing functional database systems for use in many different business.

My aim is to build Fed202 into one of the leading web development companies in the North of Ireland. I plan to do this by focusing my main attention on the bespoke content management system that has been in development since 2010. 

Company Structure

Fed202 is solely owned by David Hynes, but we work with many different individuals and companies to complete your web design project. Included in this are a teams of experiences graphic designers who are on hand to complete logo, colour scheme and bespoke imagery for your website design; network support engineers to provide hardware and software support to you to make full use of your new website design or database application; testers who help us to check your website design from various locations, on different web browsers and platforms and who perform real life searches to make sure your website is relevant and useful.

And in case you're curious why my company is called Fed202, it's named after a HEX colour. Hexadecimal colours are used to define all of the colours you see on a website and this came from an inside joke at a company I worked for many years ago. When it came time to setup my own business, there was no question that the name should be Fed202. You can read about the colour Fed202 on this website if you're into that sort of thing.

Other Interests

Developing your latest and greatest website design can be a busy and stressful job. David therefore matches his work life with a passion for salsa dancing. David has been a teacher of Salsa in Belfast for many years and travels around the world attending congresses and festivals to enhance his own ability. So if you notice a few dance related websites in the portfolio section, it will make sense that David is sought after by many dance teachers to create their website design for them. Indeed, one of the dance schools was the basis of the Ticket Booking system which is now a standard part of the content management system.