My main area of expertise is web based database programming, from which the Content Management System was created.

Many individuals and small businesses use standalone databases or spreadsheets to store information. This used to work fine but as businesses grow and as more people need access to the data, then standalone data sources can start to get troublesome. This is where a customised web application can become very valuable.

I have created web applications for various types of companies, from car dealers, charities, IT companies and sportswear manufacturers. Each of these systems is completely unique and developed specifically for the requirements of that company.

One of the main reasons for a bespoke system is to record and store data and then create reports based on the data input. We will discuss the requirements for your data input and what you need to get out of the system. This can save a massive amount of time spent on Excel spreadsheets, time that can be spent on more productive tasks.

If you think that your business could benefit from a web based solution for you data, get in touch and we can talk through your requirements and suggest if one of our bespoke systems would suit your needs.