We can create websites for any business, organisation or personal endeavour. But every business is different. Some websites are there purely for advertising the companies services, to give more information about what people already know about. Some websites are setup to attract new customers. We work with several dance schools and these fall into that category, attracting new customers to the service they provide, in most cases, this means getting people to come to classes or events. And finally, some businesses setup their online presence to sell their products online.

My very first question to every customer is "what do you want to use your website for ?". You would be surprised how many of my customers cannot answer this question easily. Sometimes, the boss has said that we need a website or sometimes funding has become available, but no-one has thought about what the website will be used for. It's my job to talk to you and come up with the best website for your needs.

A successful website to me is one that enhances your business. If you get a website built and then do nothing with it, then this is a failure. I find that our busiest websites are the ones that are frequently updated and worked on. So we will always give advice to your business on how to maintain your website and make it a part of your business and ultimately, make it profitable for you. So rather than worrying about how much the website will cost and thinking of it as a burden, you'll be starting to think about how you can spend more money to enhance the website since you see it as a valuable asset to your company.

So regardless of the size of your organisation, get in touch and we'll happily talk over the phone or come and see you and discuss what can be done to develop the web presence you need.