We got an email last night from a large hosting company, UK2, informing us that they were suspended access to any Wordpress website admin area on their shared hosting servers. This is the sort of hosting you would have if you had bought a package directly with them or if you were using a reseller on a shared server.

The problem here is that whilst your website is probably fine, you don't know who else has a website on the same server as yours so it makes it very easy for the hackers and spammers to run scripts on the server and check for vunerabilities from the inside rather than just from the outside. Once a vunerability is found, they can then use this to attack any site on the server, including yours.

Within our Content Management System, we don't host other people's websites so whilst no server on the internet is 100% secure all of the time, we do have much more control over what websites and scripts are running on our servers. We also don't allow Wordpress sites setup by anyone other than ourselves, so that we can control what plugins are installed, as this is one of the biggest locations for vunerabilities.

If you do have a Wordpress site and are worried about the security of the server, get in touch and we can certainly run a few tests for you and suggest any improvements if needed.