Fed202 were recently commissioned by AES Marconi, a Belfast-based specialist environmental remediation company, to work on their Republic of Ireland website and enhance its organic search performance.

A discussion with Paul McEvoy, Managing Director of AES Marconi, established that the process of dealing with your insurance company in the Republic of Ireland is different to that in Northern Ireland and, therefore, more people would use Google to search for a company providing clean up services.

Starting with an SEO audit of the current website, we used in-house tools to retrieve current rankings and visitor numbers to create baseline upon which to monitor future performance of the website. Following this, the website was optimised with keyword-enriched content, based on a number of predetermined search terms, identified in the initial discussions with AES Marconi. This is an ongoing process that will require regular maintenance as Google evolves over time.

In addition to search engine optimisation, a series of Google Ads were also used to drive traffic to the website. These pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements were targeted towards Republic of Ireland customers and based on similar relevant keywords to those established above.

In terms of monitoring performance, this was achieved by first referring back to our initial findings on visitor numbers and search rankings. By comparing the current statistics with these baseline figures, we found that not only had had search rankings improved, but there was also a marked increase in organic search results, demonstrating the success of the project.

Published by David Hynes (4th August 2019)